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Discover the Power of Outsourcing!

Our Services 

  • Business Process Management

    An intelligent process management and business administration makes the difference between successful companies and regular companies. Let us to re-engineer your Co.

  • Supply Chain

    Use professional services in Supply Chain and get rid of high risks, efforts and logistics planning.

  • Procurement & P2P process optimization for commodities and services

    Having a professional support in those get profit in return, with zero investment.

  • Office Management

    To outsource the office administration to an experienced team, means efficiency, profitability and economy

  • Car Fleet Management

    Surely you use business cars, but that’s not a core business for you. Therefore, let us help you to manage this aspect of your professional life. You will be very satisfied with. .

  • Real Estate, Property and Facility Management

    You can have a safe and pleasant working environment with quality services performed by qualified persons responsible with.

10 Reasons Pro Outsourcing 

  • Lower operating costs

    Outsourcing plays a very important role with positive impact on a company’s profit by providing significant savings.

  • Streamlining internal resources

    In a difficult economic and financial environment, the capital and the human resources are the most important assets of a company.

  • Efficiency in business infrastructure

     Any company, has activities with no expertise, or no competentency and nor should be developed.

  • Flexibility in operations

    Given the current global economic environment, companies are forced to cope with rapid changes.

  • Create a competitive advantage

    Outsourcing can create competitive advantage in the current competitive market.

  • Focus on core business

    By outsourcing the non core activities, the time is saved and redirected to core business processes.

  • Improvement of non core activities

    Outsourcing non-core service can actually help improve its and get more profitability.

  • Processes and Co. re-engineering

    The practice always said that after a professional diagnosis the operational and managerial procesess have to be redesign.

  • Transfer of risks

    An outsourcing contract transfer part of stress, effort and responsibility to a service provider.

  • Economical efficiency

    The outsourcing cost are 100% deductible.

Who we are ?

A team experienced, professional and flexible, with entrepreneurial spirit and ready to face of any challenge coming from any direction of your business, front or back office, we have an intelligent, skilled, communicative and dynamic team and very committed to your targets as if would be our newest entrepreneurship, we briefly Wimpel – Business Process Management Consultancy and BPO.

We offer you unique solutions, custom made, according to your needs.

Our abilities


Business Management


Supply Chain

Properties & Facilities

Office Management

Car Fleet

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Cristina Paisa
Cristina Paisa Lawyer, Cab. Av. Paisa Cristina
A lawyer may or may not be a good manager. We chose to be very good lawyers.

We chose Wimpel outsourcing service since the beginning of business, because we need as much time on clients and their problems. We intend to focus on our core business, without worrying about office administration. The results are what we expected and we appreciate this positive collaboration.