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Real Estate, Property and Facility Management

A building management solutions targeting its maintenance in an efficient manner in terms of costs, in order to perfect run all of them maintains its market value as long a period.

Managing a property is time-consuming and material resources or human.

By outsourcing these services benefit from a safe and pleasant working environment with quality services performed by qualified persons responsible. A professional service always anticipate and solve a high speed responsiveness problem, before it escalate and affect the quality of the buildings and the activities within it.

A large number of companies still prefer, to manage internal spaces used, based on the assertion “is cheaper” without performing rigorous calculations and check thoroughly if this creates added value or is considered only an inevitable cost.

We can create added value with less costs by outsourcing these activities to our professionals in the field, warranties standing for their work performed to the highest standard of quality, while people of your company can focus on the essential activities of businesses that will define the company and is its main activity.

Services offer

Real Estate & Facility Management

  • Market research for space renting necessary to conduct business operations (offices, technological, storage) and the administration services necessary for their
  • Making budgets administrative expenses (rent, service, maintenance, repairs, parking vehicles etc.)
  • Contracting spaces required of all necessary auxiliary services (equipment and building maintenance, cleaning, front office) and their subsequent administration (reporting noncompliance, reconciliations etc.)
  • Streamline existing spaces, rearranging them and renegotiating contracts in progress. Proposing measures to reduce maintenance costs and utility costs

Fit Out & Project Management

  • Planning, organizing, and coordinating projects of full relocation and improvements
  • Assistance still early in the project to browsing necessary steps to be followed (choosing suppliers, budgeting, quotes, space planning etc.)
  • Coordinate all providers involved in the fit-out (cabling, architecture, partitions, lighting, ventilation etc.)
  • Support documentation for tenders in the composition of services (specifications, inquiries, etc.)
  • Site daily presence to check the status of works
  • Weekly or monthly reports by client overlooking the degree of fulfillment of the project design
  • Meetings with suppliers in order to negotiate the best prices for contracted services


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