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Sourcing and Purchasing for commodities and services

There are many companies which procurement activities does not qualify as secondary activities, but in the category of primary activities, two important reasons, namely: procurement activities itself can generate profit without investment only by saving, on the other hand, procurement activities can create competitive advantage in the competitive market.
Moreover, acquisitions are strategic for each company, the stakes are high in a world where technology is evolving, exchanges are globalized, operational excellence and responsiveness are essential.

The acquisitions are claimed by specialists, competent owners in range or multiple experiences and vast. Acquisitions require communication skills and influence, negotiation and analysis, creativity, customer orientation, flexibility to change and beyond.

Procurement outsourcing many advantages both financial, material, moral, and temporal.

Services offer:

  • Market research in the procurement of goods and services, according to your needs
  • Checking and selecting suppliers on the basis of eligibility, quality and price
  • Preparation and submission of applications for the tender / specifications by selected providers or organizing auctions in order to obtain optimal bids
  • Analysis and evaluation of offers; setting up reports and conducting post tendering of proposals for future partnerships
  • Negotiating and concluding contracts necessary for carrying out acquisitions
  • Conduct procurement activities based on contracts signed
  • Management of procurement contracts; acquisition and handling non-compliance
  • Supplier evaluation and proposals to improve the work done previously