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Supply Chain Management

If logistics is an auxiliary service that is not in your area of ​​competence is sufficient reason and cause to externalize it. Outsourcing of risk, effort, time response.

Productivity, quality and profitability of such a service is difficult to quantify internal and things do not come with warranty so that a calculation costs occur internally, initially not seen.

Meanwhile, logistics is an activity with strong seasonality, during which no expenses at the same level even if the activity is weak. By outsourcing these fixed costs disappear, and are replaced by variable costs only in moments when there is activity.

Collaboration with professional help ensure that goods arrive on time and safely, wherever you want, where you pay the best price.

In permanent dialogue with our partners, we create logistics solutions with you, according to your needs, for your success

Services offer

  • Performing procedures of procurement and contracting logistics services (transport, storage and customs import-export)
  • Acquisition and subcontracting orders for transportation, storage and import and export customs operations
  • Receiving and handling non-compliance